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SMICS 2012 Amsterdam - A New World of Marketing

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Welcome to a new world of Marketing!

Discover how social media is heralding a new era in marketing. Discover at first hand how marketing is becoming a service and how you can already enjoy the benefits of this today. The future of marketing starts here! At SMICS 2012! (

Social Media is not an evolution for marketing and sales. It’s a revolution. We all know the massive numbers around Facebook’s ever-growing usage, but the challenge is now to turn conversations into business. Your fans do not necessarily want to see ads; they want valuable and personalized content, including offers and a VIP experience. Only if you know your customers well can you deliver relevant offers, and only if your customers trust you will they engage with your business.

The question is not whether or not to implement social media into your business strategy, the question is how well you will do so. After a successful SMICS event in 2011 we are again hosting Europe’s unique Social Media Marketing and iCommerce Summit to help you to kick off your corporate social media strategy NOW. You will meet visionaries and thought leaders as well as practitioners who share their experiences on how to monetize social media.

We will present exclusive industry case studies and are happy to discuss your specific questions regarding social media, Facebook fan analytics and segmentation. Alongside the visionaries, we have some of the world’s leading social media marketers joining us, so at the same event you’ll be able to see state-of-the art developments that will help you turn social media from a cost to a profit center. Come and join us on July 10 + 11 at SMICS 2012 in Amsterdam to meet and discuss with some of the most skilled and experienced professionals in the industry.

Please find here the agenda:

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